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Gerald N. Buonanno

Sample Accomplishments

  • Acquisition Reform:
      • Successfully negotiated Commercial Item Exemption for Howmet Corporation.
      • Implemented “Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act” and “Federal Acquisition Reform Act” resulting in a 75% reduction in CAS covered contracts for Commercial Avionics Systems.
  • Benchmarking:
      • Coordinated the "Hackett Benchmarking Study" for a Sector of Alcoa Aluminum.
  • Communications:
      • Contributed to several Government Compliance reports for Lawrence Bossidy, Chairman of the Board, AlliedSignal.
      • Helped develop major sections of AlliedSignal’s Government Compliance charter.
      • Wrote Commercial Avionics’ Pricing and Estimating Manual to accompany reengineered process
      • Wrote Business Ethics guide for Howmet Corporation.
      • Wrote major sections of AlliedSignal's Ethics Guide.
      • Wrote major sections of a Government Compliance video script for Robert Daniel, Chairman of the Board, UTC and published a monthly Government Compliance and Accounting newsletter.
      • Facilitated numerous cross-functional and inter-division meetings.
  • Consolidations:
      • Government Accounting advisor for the consolidation of Commercial Avionics Systems’ Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Redmond, Washington facilities into the Lenexa Kansas facility.
  • Corporate Policies & Procedures:
      • Member of four-person executive team that set policies and procedures for UTC through interpretation of FAR, CAS, Cost Principles and other government procurement regulations.
  • Cost Estimating and Pricing:
      • Directed staff of 40 Contract Pricing professionals throughout Norden Systems’ five locations, successfully completing approximately 2000 quotes and proposals valued at over $2 billion annually.
      • Led team of pricing and estimating experts to implement changes in a consolidated estimating and pricing process that helped division of AlliedSignal pass the Government’s Estimating System review.
      • Led Cost Estimating Improvement Council for Howmet Corporation.
      • Led Cost Estimating Improvement Team for Bank of America’s Technical Operations.
      • Successfully led Bombardier pricing efforts on the C23 Sherpa Maintenance program.
      • Successfully led ATK pricing efforts on the BTERM II program.
      • Successfully led Howmet pricing efforts for Boeing and Honeywell LTA’s.
  • Due Diligence:
      • Participated in AlliedSignal’s acquisition of a division of Northrop Grumman.
  • Ethics and Compliance:
      • Jointly established for both United Technologies Corporation and AlliedSignal a cross-functional and cross-division Government Acquisition Leadership Team that set policies and procedures through interpretation of FAR, CAS, Cost Principles and other government procurement regulations.
      • Member of four person team that established Ethics and Government Compliance program for United Technologies.
      • Co-led development and implementation of Ethics and Compliance program that included written guidance, training and an active hotline forAlliedSignal’s and Howmet’s Government Compliance program.
      • As a result of the U. S. Government’s “ILL WIND” investigation for fraud, waste and abuse, Norden Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, (one of the principal targets) faced fines, debarment from future activities and jail terms for targeted employees. I was appointed to establish a compliance program that would demonstrate present responsibility. I led the program restructuring and prevented Norden from being debarred from contracting with the Federal Government.
  • International:
      • Established all start-up accounting, financial planning, budgeting, and financial control management reporting systems for newly formed International Services Division for United Technologies.
  • Internal Control:
      • Jointly implemented an AlliedSignal, UTC and Howmet wide Internal Control improvement program that resulted in reduced risk, safeguarding of assets and reliability of financial records.
      • Developed and implemented intranet bases issues tracking data base for AlliedSignal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcoa Aluminum and a division of UTC, that allows for each division to track open issues and the status of corrective actions
      • Restructured policies, procedures and annual survey resulting in the first passed internal audit in 5 years.
      • Implemented SOX 404 Internal Control process for Northrop Grumman, Mission Systems resulting in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Management Reviews:
      • Formed and led an Executive Review Board to evaluate business opportunities, ensure early executive involvement in identifying “must win” opportunities, establish win themes and strategies for critical projects, make Bid/No Bid decisions, and review cost estimates.
  • Negotiating Skills:
      • Negotiated several contracts under the new Government definitions for commercial contracts. This pioneering effort broke new ground with both the Government and AlliedSignal.
      • Successfully negotiated $100 million Navy radar development program with “Prime” contractor.
      • Successfully negotiated contracts with Boeing and Northrop Grumman for Cercast Aluminum Group.
  • Proposal Management and Development:
      • Directed proposal efforts, including the estimating and pricing of $5 billion Aircraft Maintenance Facility located in Saudi Arabia.
      • Prepared major sections of TRW’s winning proposal to Support military’s joint training (JTASC).
      • Prepared “Ship Husbanding” proposals to the US Navy.
  • Reengineering/Restructuring and Process Improvement:
      • Reengineered proposal, cost estimating and pricing processes for division of United Technologies Corporation resulting in substantially improved quality, productivity and costs.
      • Reengineered cost estimating and pricing processes for Commercial Avionics Systems, AlliedSignal resulting in reinstatement of bid and proposal rights.
      • Jointly led Howmet Corporation’s Quote and Estimating Reengineering Team
      • Led restructuring of Alcoa’s casting research center into 3 distinct business segments.
      • Reduced overheads from 120 to a manageable 8.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley:
      • Led implementation of S-Ox 404 for Northrop Grumman Mission Systems.
      • Managed ongoing program from 2004 to present.
  • Start-up situations:
      • As the finance member of the team, established new, $200 million, “value added," high technology division that enabled the segment to “price to win” highly competitive development contracts.
  • System Reviews
      • Reviewed and recommended changes to Jacobs’ Engineering Proposal and Cost Estimating processes.
      • Participated in implementation of new ERP system for wholly owned subsidiary of Alcoa Aluminum.
  • Teamwork:
      • Helped establish joint AlliedSignal and multi-branch Government team to improve acquisition process.
      • Jointly led cross-functional team to win “Teamwork, Speed, and Innovation” awards in AlliedSignal’s annual “Quest for Excellence” contest.
  • Training:
      • Implemented an annual MBA style Government Accounting and Compliance Training Program for both UTC and AlliedSignal/Honeywell that continues to improve Government regulatory awareness and compliance.
      • Jointly developed and taught courses on Cost Estimating, Proposal Development and Competitive Pricing.


Northrop Grumman, Mission Systems, Reston, VA (2004 to present) Consultant
Ernst & Young, Los Angeles, CA, (2004 to present) Consultant
Multinational Logistic Services LTD (MLS), Long Meadow, MA, London, England, Naples, Italy (2003 to present) Consultant
Alliant TechSystems (ATK), Clearwater, FL (2003 to present) Consultant
Bank of America, Charlotte, NC (2003 to present) Consultant
Jacobs Engineering, Pasadena, CA (2001 to Present) Consultant
Alcoa Aluminum, Pittsburgh, PA (2000 to present) Consultant
Cercast, Montreal, Canada (1999 to present) Consultant
Bombardier Aerospace, Bridgeport, W VA (1999) Consultant
McHugh Software International, Shelton, CT (1998 – present) Consultant/VP/GM
Honeywell-Aerospace Equipment Systems Division, Tempe, AZ (1998 - Present) Consultant
Howmet Corporation, Greenwich, CT (1997-Present) Consultant
Short Brothers Inc., W. VA (1996) Consultant
Allied Signal-Government Commercial Avionics Systems Division, Ft Lauderdale, FL (1996) Consultant
Allied Signal-Aerospace Sector, Torrance, CA (1995 - Present) Consultant
Allied Signal-Government Electronics Systems Division, Teterboro, NJ (1995 - Present) Consultant
Ransone Associates (1995 - Present) Consultant
TRW, Government Systems Integration Division, Fairfax, VA (1995) Consultant
Engineered Proposals, (1994 - Present) Consultant
Norden Systems, Inc., (UTC) Norwalk, CT (1993-1994) Director, Proposal Management
Norden Systems, Inc., (UTC) Norwalk, CT (1990-1993) Director, Gov. Compliance, Business Ethics & Internal Audit
Norden Defense Systems Management Division, (UTC) Norwalk, CT (1988-1990) Controller
Norden Systems, Inc., (UTC) Norwalk, CT (1984-1988) Manager, Contract Pricing
Aerospace Services Division, Farmington, CT (1981-1988) Supervisor, Pricing; Controller
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines, (UTC) E. Hartford, CT (1977-1981) Financial Analyst

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