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Business Ethics Programs:

Our experts can:

  • Implement a new ethics program or help breath new life into an existing program
  • Position your organization as a company synonymous with integrity and character.
  • Provide a comprehensive appraisal of strengths and weaknesses to establish a baseline before a culture changing program is launched.
  • Design and implement an ethics initiative by:
    • establishing reasonable objectives, codes of conduct and training strategies;
    • integrating codes, training, recruiting, hiring and reviews into an ethical framework;
    • getting “buy-in” of senior management;
    • designing surveys and other tools.
  • Provide a comprehensive review of written and other relevant material from mission statements to codes of conduct to policies on business practices.
  • Provide education and training for executives, managers and future leaders.
  • Provide performance evaluations and management:
    • providing useful, honest and respectful feedback;
    • identifying ethics and character issues in evaluations and promotions;
    • determining appropriate sanctions, dealing with senior executives, cash settlements, press releases.
  • Provide customized publications that explore exemplary decision-making in your world.
  • Audit employee willingness to report perceived misconduct without fear of retaliation and monitor compliance.
  • Provide continual employee reinforcement — multimedia design of communication and awareness strategies to reinforce the company’s values.
  • Design customer and community education that informs and inspires customers and the community to be more concerned with ethics, and also to position the company as one of integrity — with comprehensive, multimedia materials and established community networks.
  • Provide ongoing consultation to support the organization in continually reinforcing and improving its ethical practices for a sustainable result.

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