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ECG provides dedicated, dependable and flexible
business management services that respond to customer and client requirements.

With the current uncertainties over the international economic meltdown and how it will affect your budget, you are understandably operating with the fewest number of internal experts needed to effectively accomplish your day-to-day work. With this efficient group, you may find you are not staffed for that special or “surprise” project. If that’s so, don’t worry. Even though you think you have no one to lean on, you do.

Lean on ECG. We routinely help companies meet special staffing needs at all levels for short or long periods for a reasonable price. We offer flexibility and knowledge in processes, people, expertise and experience that allow ECG to participate in diverse ways. Our personnel serve as proposal managers, project managers, team leaders, advisors, facilitators, proposal specialists or surrogates/subject matter experts. ECG has the proven experience to integrate seamlessly into your organization to work side-by-side with client personnel in all programmatic disciplines. Through ECG’s process knowledge, involvement in programmatic disciplines, and proven proposal training, we can contribute effectively to all programmatic and procurement requirements.

Some areas where we can help:

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