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Company Overview:

For more than 15 years, ECG has provided consulting services
focused on assisting companies in doing business with the U.S. Government.


  • ECG is the Executive Consulting Group, an association of independent consultants, founded by Jerry Buonanno, which provides specialized services to companies in matters relating to both commercial and federal government prime contracts and subcontracts.
  • Our team includes former industry and government experts who are experienced in supporting any size project.
  • We can lead your project or we can work together with your project leaders as single contributors to ensure a projectís successful completion.
  • ECG is a "hands-on" company whose managers, specialists, subject matter experts and executives have done it before and can work with our clients as project leaders or as an extra set of hands.
  • Our staff of experts specialize in general business management, proposal management and development, financial control, pricing and estimating, internal audit, budgeting, financial planning, cost accounting, government contract accounting, government compliance and Sarbanes-Oxley.


  • Since 1994 ECG Associates have successfully supported hundreds of projects including both large and small competitive proposals.
  • ECG has implemented and managed ethics programs.
  • We have helped our clients win contracts worth several billion dollars.
  • ECG has helped clients with their government accounting and compliance programs.
  • We have helped our clients implement and manage Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • We have provided our clients with interim managers, directors and controllers.
  • We provide proven processes, applied knowledge, specialist expertise and experience and executive leadership that address any and all client requirements and needs.


Many companies have found that consultants save them time and money because we provide:

  • Special tools, skills and expertise that you donít have
  • Quick problem solutions from repeatedly handling similar situations
  • Aggressive progress because we are project-oriented and free of internal responsiblities
  • Objective points of view to ďkeep you honest"
  • Catalysts for innovative changes that can permanently improve your own organization and procedures
  • Budget relief from high overhead costs of permanent, specialized staffs

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