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Cost Estimating & Contract Pricing:

Executive Consulting Group:

  • will help develop estimating and pricing strategies.
  • experts will help determine what needs to be estimated and priced, how to estimate it and why anyone should believe the estimate.
  • will ensure that the tasks to be estimated are clearly identified and we will separate the Most Important Requirements from the “nice to have.”
  • maintains generic checklists that may be used to identify the elements and activities included (and excluded from) the estimate.
  • teammates will help ferret out the statement of work elements to be estimated through the use of the SOW/SOO to WBS and other cross reference matrices.
  • will help you choose the most risk free method of estimating.
  • ensures that any differences in estimating results are analyzed and verified.
  • ensures that a structured process identifies and scopes technical risks.
  • team members will help determine how to create a supportable estimate.
  • provides a supportable estimate that will consist of Data + Judgment + Rationale. Data is the information on previous activities and their costs, which provides for consistency, accuracy, and tractability. Judgment is the factors that account for differences from past data to present situation. Rationale is the logic behind the judgment and data.
  • knows that estimates have to be "sold" as well as substantiated and we'll help create the documents necessary to convince your customer that the estimate is correct and reasonable.

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