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Key Members of the ECG Team

Jerry Buonanno, president of ECG, is an independent business consultant since 1994 with particular strengths in management and problem solving. He is a current board member, former business general manager and financial executive with over 30 years of broad-based management experience; skilled in areas of general business management, financial control, proposal management, pricing and estimating, internal audit, budgeting, financial planning, cost accounting, government contract accounting, Sarbanes-Oxley and government compliance. As former director of proposal management for a Fortune 100 defense contractor, he implemented EP’s STEP™ as the company standard. His proposal experience includes projects ranging from a few thousand to several billion dollars in value. Jerry brings tremendous value to your projects because he has an exceptional ability to see projects from an overall business perspective.

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Proposal Experts:
Roger Dean is a professional proposal manager who "does proposals" on a day-to-day basis. His skills are built upon nearly thirty-five years experience in the defense and related industries. During this period, Roger has played key roles in all aspects of the acquisition process. He has developed RFPs for both military and industrial acquisitions, evaluated contractor proposals for military and industrial programs, managed successful marketing and sales campaigns and related proposals for aerospace and defense products and provided hands-on proposal consulting services to large and small companies submitting proposals to all branches of the US armed forces, various civilian agencies, prime contractors, and foreign governments. His extensive proposal experience on programs ranging in value from several hundred dollars to several billion dollars helps him to serve clients in capacities that cover the complete span of proposal support, from up-front strategist to long-term proposal manager to last-minute writer and editor. He is also publisher and editor-in-chief of "persuasive INK," a quarterly journal dedicated to furthering the art and science of proposal preparation.

Dave Herndon has more than 35 years successful experience in the management and preparation of winning proposals. Strong skills in preparing proposals associated with science and technology including chemistry, biology, and engineering. Dave is a hands-on proposal professional with experience in all aspects of proposal preparation (technical writing, volume/section management, proposal management, proposal review management, proposal coordination, proposal production, and proposal submission follow up). He has broad-based proposal experience in preparing proposals for major military and civilian organizations such as US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, National Ocean Survey, National Marine Fisheries Service, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Customs Service, and many others. Proposal topics include: Ship Husbandry; Shipboard ADP installation; Ship and Shore Environmental Services; Fisheries Management; Enforcement of the 200 Mile Coastal Management Zone; Mine Countermeasures Systems; Diving and Salvage Operations; Marine Vessel Repair and Maintenance; Operation of Measuring Instrument Calibration Laboratories; Supply and Logistics Operations; Navy Tactical Command Support; Development of Marine VHF Radiotelephone Operators Handbook; Marine Ecology Research; and many others.

Rob Ransone: Independent proposal consultant since 1986, providing a wide range of proposal and program services to the defense and other high-technology industries. Services include complete proposal management and development, implementation of computerized proposal management systems, writing whole proposals (including outstanding executive summaries, management and technical sections, program and related plans, and final reports) developing win strategies and Risk Management plans, IMP/IMS, and program management consulting. Mr. Ransone has over 50 years of experience in and around the aerospace and defense industries. His skills are particularly strong in systems engineering and technical communications. He has written RFPs and evaluated competitive proposals for the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, for American Airlines, for NASA Headquarters, and for Fairchild Republic Company. He has prepared proposals for both product and service oriented companies, engineering companies, and universities and other programs valued to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Paula Ransone: Independent proposal consultant since 1987, providing comprehensive day-to-day proposal Control Center management, document design and layout, proposal writing, desktop publishing, and technical editing services to a variety of defense and aerospace companies. She is a dedicated team member with strong communications skills and a commitment to meeting deadlines. Ms. Ransone is an accomplished proposal specialist with particularly strong skills in proposal organization and technical editing, always maintaining strict adherence to the RFP requirements. Her experience on many competitive proposals enables her to assess proposal response to the RFP requirements. She is an experienced Control Center manager, establishing and maintaining control over the day-to-day administrative demands of competitive proposal teams. Ms. Ransone has managed Control Centers for both large and small proposals, keeping track of all facets of proposal activity, setting up electronic controls, tracking text and graphics status over both local networks and wide area networks, keeping correspondence logs, setting up proposal master books, and smoothing the interface between proposal writers and Technical Publications. She also serves as the single proposal specialist on a job, guiding the client's proposal effort and ensuring successful completion and on-time proposal delivery.

Chris Schatte: Dr. Schatte combines his broad scientific background, 15 years in the government services industry, and experience in the federal government, academic and private businesses, to provide clients a complete range of proposal development capabilities ranging from capture management through contract phase-in. Chris has over 30 years experience with written and oral presentations, 10 years in business development and contract operations for a support services contractor, followed by five years of proposal management, writing, and oral coaching as a consultant. He provides a complete range of proposal development services, from capture planning through proposal management, including oral presentation and interrogatory. Proposal disciplines include IT, intelligence, security, engineering services, flight operations, scientific services, healthcare, biomedical research, communications, environmental monitoring, satellite communications, O&M, and program management.

Jeanne Smith is a proposal expert who "does proposals" on a day-to-day basis with an 87% + win rate maintained over the past 23 years. She has extensive experience in preparing large, complex, and highly competitive proposals for various industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Environmental and Energy, State and Municipal Governments, Protective Services, Healthcare, Financial Products and Services, Telecommunications, Computer Products, Professional Services, and Transportation. She provides a complete range of proposal development services, from identifying and pursuing agencies to target based on corporate capabilities and relevant experience to capture management and strategic planning, to assessing the competition and team composition, to managing all proposal processes and teams of various sizes, complexities, diversity, and locations, to training, orals coaching, and writing. Ms. Smith’s business development, project management experience, and communication skills enables her to position companies to win and provides intrinsic value to the proposal teams she supports. Specializing in service-related bids and being quite knowledgeable of federal, state, local and commercial procurement practices and regulations, she serves companies across multiple industries and disciplines.

Laura Ricci is a Proposal Expert with an 85 percent winning record in organizations such as: Architects, Call Center Operators, Defense Contractors, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Government, including ACOE and US Army, Hospital Foundations, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Newspapers, Project Managers, Real Estate Developers, Researchers, Scientific Services, Software, Technology firms, Universities, any organization facing a proposal step in their sales cycle. Her most recent honors include recognition by Inc. Magazine as Web Strategist of the Year in 2002, and Fast Company Magazine listed her as a Fast Company nominee in 2003. Her MBA is from Golden Gate University in San Francisco and she attended Drake University Law School. Her education includes undergraduate majors in Business, Sociology and Social Work. She has worked inside firms with no marketing program, to grow a process and create a culture that nurtures winning proposals. And she has tuned existing proposal processes to work more strategically to enhance results. Her management practices apply to all organizations, and she teaches Virtual Management skills in a variety of industries.

Dr. Robert S. Frey, PMP is Co-Owner of and Principal in the Northern Virginia-based, woman-owned consultancy of Successful Proposal Strategies, LLC. In this capacity, he supports small, mid-tier, and Fortune 500 companies and other organizations in the United States and overseas in developing compelling proposals to the U.S. Government and grant-making institutions. Dr. Frey brings trend-setting accomplishments and thought leadership in proposal architecture, solution development, proposal interviewing and writing, graphics conceptualization, and Knowledge Management (KM), coupled with 32 years of writing and publication-related success. Previously, Bob Frey served as Senior Vice President of Knowledge Management & Proposal Development for RS Information Systems, Inc., (RSIS.) He has personally supported more than 3,500 proposals in his 28-year career, bringing the best practices and lessons learned of sustained proposal development excellence.

Pricing, Cost Estimating, Government Compliance & Accounting Experts:
Donald (Don) Nichols is a seasoned government contracting professional with over 35 years of experience with United Technologies Corporation’s Pratt & Whitney Division. Most recently he served as the Controller of their Military Engines business. In this role Don led the government accounting, pricing, billing and business management functions. In a prior role Don was charged with the enforcement of the division’s code of ethics and compliance programs as the Business Practices/Compliance Officer. Don has extensive experience in preparing cost proposals for U.S Government programs, contract price negotiations, and government contract accounting. He has detailed knowledge of and practical experience with the Cost Accounting Standards and the unique cost accounting rules mandated by the Federal Acquisition Regulations. His experience also includes matters related to supporting Defense Contract Audit Agency post award audits, resolving findings of defective pricing and supporting litigation at the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and Federal Courts. Don holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting from Central Connecticut State University.

Frank Bonito has significant controllership experience managing all aspects of finance, and accounting, including cost accounting, treasury, and credit management. Additionally, he has general management experience in the areas of procurement, production planning, information technology and human resources, in a variety of business environments; manufacturing, distribution and retail. Also, he has had significant ERP/MRP, plus POS/Inventory, system implementation experience, with top tier systems such as Oracle and JD Edwards. Frank has lead numerous process improvement initiatives in both finance and operations.

Keith Christensen has more than 30 years experience managing business systems including: policy and procedure development, compliance testing and related system design, implementation and training, DOD contracting and compliance, commercial contracting, Sarbanes-Oxley, financial reporting and consolidations, all accounting processes, cost accounting and information\enterprise systems management (ERP\MRP).

Frank Flett has over 20 years experience in Government Systems Acquisition and has played key roles in proposal preparation and evaluation for major weapon and information systems. In this capacity, he develops independent cost estimates and cost targets, risk analyses, and competitive assessments for a variety of clients. While with the Government, he served as chairman of several significant Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) cost teams. He has also been an integral member of many industry capture teams, functioning as Pink/Red Team Leader.

Greg Holtzhauer has a diversified financial background with experience from managing accounting functions, developing consolidation systems for efficient and accurate financial reporting, to being a liaison and facilitator for implementing new policies/procedures including budgeting, analysis, and SEC reporting. Greg has experience across several industries including a start-up company, several acquisitions, and Fortune 500 companies. Team leadership across diverse projects, developing/ implementing procedures and reporting systems are special strengths which he brings to his clients.

Marsha Lindquist is an inspiring strategist changing the way her clients view their business. Whatever the issues are relating to creating a profitable business and winning competitive Government procurements, Marsha finds creative ways to bring out the best and make a significant difference to the organizations she works with. Her management success is based upon her strong team player orientation and outstanding communication skills. Marsha’s expertise is in problem solving and seeing root causes. She facilitates her clients’ focus on achievements and knows how to pursue business and win it. Many people will tell you what you want to hear. Marsha adds value by telling you what you need to hear.

Kevin C. Shanahan, CPA: Operationally experienced, strategically focused senior financial executive with track record of measurable successes in international, multi-industry companies (software, automotive, electronics, aerospace/defense, heavy manufacturing). Change agent driven by shareholder value creation. Strategic and bottom line focus developed through leadership roles in operations, including turnarounds, international mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, restructurings, IPOs, and public equity/debt offerings. Kevin has extensive government contracting experience as well as strong investor relations, cash management, systems and SEC skills.

Don Street is a cost estimating expert with over thirty years of solid expert. Mr. Street has developed cost volumes, cost sections, and costing strategies for government contractors. He is quite familiar with federal pricing rules and regulations for government agencies such as the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy, the Department of the Army, the Department of Transportation, NASA, etc. He has developed SABER Engineering and A-76 cost volumes and sections, GSA Schedule pricing volumes, grant applications, and pricing for qualified engineering vendors, computer hardware and software firms, and Call Centers. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Mr. Street was Division General Manager for Dynamic Science, Inc. where he prepared cost proposals for the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation, and state agencies. He also supervised corporate contracts at Aberdeen Proving Ground to ensure contract compliance. As Vice President of Operations for Dynamic Analysis, he provided contract management and conflict resolution for the software and hardware development for five US Army Project offices.

Ryan Koenitzer is an independent consultant with over 12 years of experience in risk advisory services including government contract accounting, pricing, federal contract compliance, regulatory compliance, business system implementation, and internal audit services. He advises clients on a wide range of financial and compliance risks including FAR, CAS, and other regulatory requirements of government contractors. Mr. Koenitzer’s industry experience includes customers in the aerospace and defense, engineering, construction, manufacturing, public sector and financial services sectors. Prior to his independent practice, Mr. Koenitzer worked with KPMG, Navigant Consulting, and Baker Tilly specializing in their risk advisory groups.

Joe Chancio has 35 years in Government contracting and finance management - 10 years with Defense Contract Audit Agency and 25 years United Technologies Corporation (UTC) primarily at Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. During his tenure with UTC he held positions as Director Government Accounting/Compliance, Director – Military Proposals/Negotiation, Controller – Military Business, and served as Deputy Program/Business Manager on a major defense aerospace joint venture with Boeing Aircraft. He has extensive background working directly with DCAA, DCMA and PCO’s from various USG agencies.

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