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ECG Associates offer training in all disciplines to help clients with their continuous improvement programs. The following courses are examples of the training services offered by ECG:

A Clear and Positive Corporate Culture
  (Marsha Lindquist)
    Making All of Your Actions Deliberate
     (Marsha Lindquist)
A Proven Proposal Process (Rob Ransone)
    Proposal Planning and Control (Roger Dean)
Anatomy of a Proposal Process (Roger Dean)
    Proposal Writing (Roger Dean)
Competitive Assessments: Understanding What
  the Competition will Bid
(Frank Flett)
    Riveting Your Attention on the Highest Priorities
     (Marsha Lindquist)
Creating a Supportable Estimate (Jerry Buonanno)
    Storyboarding (Roger Dean)
Developing Winning Strategies (Roger Dean)
    Structuring Efficient Proposal Teams (Roger Dean)
Executive Summaries (Roger Dean)
    Understand the Real Power of Value (Marsha Lindquist)
Implementing a Business Ethics Program
  (Jerry Buonanno)

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